Author Alley is an annual gathering and book fair of local authors held outdoors at Loganberry Books. The day coincides with the annual Larchmere Festival, a street festival that features antiques and collectibles, entertainment, and community camaraderie. As a merchant of the street, what better contribution can we make than to celebrate the local literati? All local writers are eligible, from self-published to national blockbusters.
Saturday, July 6, 2019, 12pm-4pm
In the driveway, or "Author Alley," of Loganberry Books (or indoors in case of rain)
13015 Larchmere Boulevard
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

This Year's Amazing Participants

*Jacqueline Acho, Empathy Deficit Disorder

Monica Weber Babcock, Burden of Remembrance

Lou Barrett, Pen Dive

Rowan Canterbury, The Three Faces of Zembeth

*Angela Crook, Chasing Navah

Kathleen Fernandez, Zoar: The Story of an Intentional Community

Jasmine Finch, Blackheart Hideaway

Deborah Fleming, Resurrection of the Wild

James Freedman, I Let the Dogs Out

Adriana Gitchel, Joey and the Underwater Aquarium

Jill Grunenwald, Reading Behind Bars: A Memoir of Literature, Law, and Life as a Prison Librarian

Danielle Haas, Bound by Danger

Destiny Hawkins, Frostbitten

Cyndi Hilston, A Laughing Matter of Pain

Michael Jordan, Company of Demons

Julie Anne Lindsey, Live & Let Chai

Sarah Lohman, Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine

Scott Longert, Bad Boys, Bad Times

Marin McGinnis, Treasure Her Heart

Mindy McGinnis, Heroine

Fran Golden and David Molyneaux, Unique Eats and Eateries of Cleveland

Ruth Hanford Morhard, Mrs. Morhard and the Boys

Megan Neville, Rust Belt Love Song

Erin O'Brien and Bob Perkoski, Rust Belt Burlesque: The Softer Side of a Heavy Melt Town

Mike and Janice Olszewski, Smoky, Sweaty, Rowdy, and Loud

Kyle Osborne, Outlandish Press

Konnie  Peroune, Escapentures of Esperanza

*Susan Petrone, Super Ladies

Catherine Pomeroy, The Gulch Jumpers

Donna Marie Przybojewski, Henry David Thoreau, Who Can He Be?

Danielle Randolph, Hermit No Name

Ava Reiss, Fall of Ima

Danielle Rueger, The Maskless Raccoon

Lucy Sams, Hey Baby! Deja’s New Adventure

Renee Sentilles, American Tomboys, 1850-1915

*Ken Schneck, LGBTQ Cleveland

Matt Stansberry, Rust Belt Arcana: Tarot and Natural History in the Exurban Wilds

Chasity Strawder, Broken for the Promise

Chante Thomas, Where I’m From

Linda Trausch, The Tales of Lydia Lymkin

*Megan Whalen Turner, Thick as Thieves

Abby Vandiver, Secrets, Lies & Crawfish Pies

Michael Vassel , Fine Again

Angeline Walsh, Memento Mortale

Sindy Warren, Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine

Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed

*Laura Grace Weldon, Blackbird

Natasha Wilson, Swirlees

JJ Winston, The Anniversary

Carlo Wolff, Designing Victory

Jennifer Yaros, Conditioning Your Mind to Fuel Creativity

 * Local Voices Best Sellers

The Larchmere Festival

The Larchmere Festival is more than a day of bargains and goodies; it's a day of neighbors, festivities, workshops and camaraderie. Tucked into corners and lots up and down the boulevard are dealers of vintage goods, antiques, art, and collectibles, with an additional community garage sale lot for the bargain hunters. Music, workshops, chess, and food enliven the festival flair. For more information, visit www.larchmere.com.


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