It is fun to read a book and then discuss it with others who have also read it.  You get more out of the book, learn from others' interpretations, and enjoy some camaraderie with other readers.  That's why book clubs are so popular: they're social, intellectual, and cultural.  Currently, Loganberry sponsors one book discussion group, and hosts two others, but there's always room for more.

Would you like to start another book discussion group (YA literature, poetry, mysteries, American history)?  Do you have a current book club looking for a host location?  Or do you just want some buying perks based on 10 or more copies of the registered book? Let us know.

Bucket List Book Club

Ah, the classics. Those timeless books that almost certainly showed up on your high school and college reading lists. How many have you read? How many do you wish you've read? It's not too late. Be reunited with an old friend (or an old foe!), or finally get yourself acquainted with one of those titles that it seems as if everyone in the world has read but you. We guarantee a spirited discussion.  Led by Loganberry staffer and writer Susan Petrone.
4th Wednesdays, 7-8 pm
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Naturalists Notebook

There is just so much good and important writing out there in the world of naturalists -- from environmental classics such as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring to even current fiction such as Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior  -- it seemed a great time to get a group together to read and discuss these old and new ideas.  We will read books about climate change, birding, gardening, fracking, agriculture and community, food -- anything that might touch on our natural world in a broad sense.  Each book discussion will be co-lead by Loganberry staff Freddy Scott and an invited guest with either a professional or passionate interest in the subject.
3rd Sundays, quarterly, 1-3pm


Endpapers kind-of like a book club, so I'll mention it here.  On the second Wednesday of each month, we invite various community leaders to discuss a given topic and entertain questions from the attendees.  It's a formal conversation in an informal setting. 

Greek Translation Group

Brush up on your Greek! This group of readers has worked their way through Herodotus and is currently tackling Sophocles' Antigone. Do you have a basic understanding of ancient Greek? There's always room for another scholar. Led by Michael Wells.
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Shaker Pub Reads

Enjoy a burger and beer with your biography? A martini with your mystery? Buy your book at Loganberry Books and join the Shaker Library PubReads  at the Academy Tavern (just down the street from Loganberry) for some “savory” stories and “spirited” discussion.
Visit Shaker Library website for details

Your Book Club Group

We'd love to add your existing book club to this list, or to start a new one.  We'll even help you find more readers to make the discussions lively (if you are so interested). There are book discounts available (10% off for registered titles; 20% off for purchases of 10+ copies), and the (optional) use of our cozy LitArts room for discussions.
Please inquire

Book of the Month Club

Do you want new book recommendations, without the group discussion?  Loganberry's Book of the Month Club delivers just that.  Tell us what you generally like, and we'll set you up with good new reads along those lines, one per month as long as you're subscribed.  Book of the Month Club is also an excellent gift for friends and family.
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